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We are on The So SO Show

May 9

Thao, the joint owner with her husband – Hien of House of Hien, had the incredible opportunity to be interviewed by The So SO Show! Tune in from 32:30 to catch Thao sharing her passion for Vietnamese cuisine, the story behind House of Hien, and what sets us apart in the culinary scene. It’s a glimpse into the heart and soul of our restaurant! Don’t miss out – listen to the interview and discover the magic behind House of Hien.

Personal note: What inspired us to open a Vietnamese restaurant in Southampton was a combination of factors, but primarily it was the realisation that Vietnamese cuisine was significantly underrepresented in the area. Despite the growing popularity of Vietnamese food worldwide, Southampton lacked authentic Vietnamese dining options that truly captured the essence of this rich and diverse culinary tradition. We saw an opportunity to fill this gap and bring the vibrant flavours of Vietnam to the local community. Our passion for Vietnamese cuisine, combined with our desire to share it with others, ultimately drove us to establish House of Hien in Southampton.

While this presents an opportunity to introduce something new and exciting to the community, it also means that many people may not be familiar with Vietnamese food, requiring us to work harder to educate and attract customers.

Additionally, like any new business, we’ve encountered the usual challenges of building awareness and establishing a loyal customer base. It takes time to become known in the local community and to earn the trust and loyalty of diners.

On a personal level, there’s the challenge of balancing work and life, especially as we recently welcomed our second daughter into the world just three months ago. Juggling the demands of a new business with the responsibilities of parenthood is no easy feat, but it’s a challenge we’re committed to overcoming!


May 9
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