The Bar, an experience

Stylish Cocktails, Exquisite Wines & Coastal Charm

House of Hien’s cocktail bar sets the scene for some seriously stylish sips in a setting evoking coastal elegance. View an exquisite range of drinks below.

Stylish Cocktails

Our masters of mixology use a selection of the finest premium spirits and freshest ingredients. Crafting cocktails that are unmatched, they tailor each drink to your unique taste.

As you indulge in sharing plates, our talented bartenders work their magic, creating a drink that will keep you coming back for more every time.

Exquisite Wines

Experience a refreshing approach to wine pairing. Our curated wine list from around the globe will tease your palate with bursting notes of fresh, zesty, sweet or juicy red berries and spices. 

Ask our knowledgeable staff for their recommendations. You’ll be delighted in how our exquisite range of drinks enhances the undertones of your meal, creating a symphony of taste and enjoyment.


House of Hien takes pride in ensuring there is always top-quality entertainment in the bar.

From live music to DJs and a variety of special one-off events. Check out our regular events and keep up with us on social media to learn about our entertainment.

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